The maratons Galata – Varna and 1000 x 1000 attract curious contestants each year.

In 2018, Zhivko Venkov swam from the Cape Galata to the second Buna. This is the man who, on 15 February of the same year, with his wife Ralitsa Ginkova and their children – the 13-year-old Annabel and the 11 – year-old Raven, conquered the emblematic mountain massif in Tanzania – Kilimanjaro (5892m). Ralitsa is a participant in the TV reality show “Survivor”. A day before Galata – Varna, the whole family went into the mass swimming 1000 x 1000.

The family is only the second in the world to climb the mountain with so young children. They make their dream come true for 7 days, accompanied by many guides and Sherpa, without a moment’s hesitation to quit. Currently Zhivko and Ralitsa live and work in England – she is an accountant and her husband is a manager of a shipping company.

In 2019, the bold family conquered another dream – stepping on the Aconcagua Peak, the tallest peak in South America. It is located in the Andes and rises to 6962 meters above sea level.