Galata - Varna 2021
Remaining time to the start


The Galata International Traditional Swimming Maraton – Varna is held every year on the first Sunday of August. The event is open to all citizens and guests of Varna, who are over 12 years old, from all over the world.

The swimming maraton route draws the sea line from Cape Galata and ends at the second Buna on the Varna’s beach. The straight line distance is 4400 m. As it is impossible to swim in the open water with no outlined corridors, you will practically swim around 5000 m to the final. You need bravery and courage!


The 2017 maraton is the record of participating in the maraton history. Then 321 swimmers stood at the start of Cape Galata!

The time record to swim the distance with the final of the second Buna is since 2009. Then the winner was the 18-year-old Mihail Georgiev from Plovdiv with a time of 47.03 minutes.

The time record with the final of the first Buna is 46.39 minutes and belongs to Petar Stoychev (1995).


The Galata Maraton – Varna is a tradition with modern dimensions.

It has been held every year since 1939 onwards, and only in 1944 it hasn’t been held.

On August 14, 1914, Eng. Georgi Barnev, Eng. Vasil Kardzhiev and the lawyer Demirdzhiev were the first who swam the distance from Galata to Varna.

Over the years, the maraton’s final has been at the first Buna, and in the last decade the swimmers have finished at the second Buna. The number of people willing to test their strengths increases every year!



Citizens of Varna and visitors from Bulgaria and abroad, born before 2009, are invited to participate in the 81st swimming marathon Cape Galata – Varna.

Those wishing to participate in this year’s edition of the event must register online. The registration platform opened on June 15th on the marathon website , “Registration” menu. The deadline for registration is July 29 th, Thursday.

Each participant must have passed a pre-competition medical examination not earlier than 3 days before the start (performed at the earliest on 29.07.2020). The medical examination is certified by an appropriate document, which is submitted for verification before the start.
Each participant should print out, sign and present the declaration published on the website of the marathon. For swimmers under 18 years, the statement is signed by a parent.
Each participant signs declaration of consent published on the website of the marathon for provision and processing of personal data. The organizers guarantee that the data will be used only for the purposes of the marathon.

The new fishing port “Quarantine” is the meeting point of the Galata marathon – Varna 2021. Last year, participants gathered in front of the monument in the same area. The entrance to the port is opposite the monument.     

For the convenience of swimmers without transport, a bus with a sign of the marathon will depart from the Cathedral every 10 minutes from 7.00 to 8.00 in the morning.

Applications for participation can be submitted from 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. The registration ends at 9.00 am sharp and the participants who appeared later will not be allowed to participate!

Each participant must have an identity document.

Participants should bring appropriate bags to collect their personal belongings.

The start of the swimming will be at 9.30 am as the participants have to set up in line in the water, at an equal distance from the shore.

Participation is individual. The distance from Cape Galata to Varna can be swum in a freely chosen style. The use of hand tools, flippers, outside assistance, etc. is not allowed.

Judges in the boats adjust swimmers in case of greater deviations from the route.

All swimmers who arrive at the finish maximum 90 minutes after the winner are considered to have covered the distance. Then the marathon is officially closed.

Each participant, who has swum the distance, receives a coupon for a free snack, drink and a souvenir t-shirt.

Under inappropriate weather conditions, organizers reserve the right to postpone the event.

Swimmers who register more than once will be removed from the list of participants. For those who do not have online registration within the specified period, the participation fee will be double – BGN 20/ EUR 10. Follow the site for all the details about the upcoming start.