The Galata – Varna marathon has a new super partner, a guarantor of health and strength after intense sports. The miracle honey energy gel MelliGel gives athletes clean energy, without chemicals, GMOs and allergens. It is the work of a Bulgarian manufacturer with worldwide recognition for quality and purity. The product is certified by Informed Sport – a global brand guaranteeing that it does not contain substances prohibited for use by professional athletes. The honey elixir is a hundred percent guarantee for excellent results. The gel contains honey mixed with raw plant foods and Himalayan salt extract – a magical formula that stimulates immunity. Its taste is fresh and natural. The prize winners in the 82nd edition of the Galata – Varna marathon are truly lucky people! Because it is they who will be lucky enough to experience the incredible effect of the fantastic source of bio energy. In addition, they will also receive a special prize – a MelliGEL gift box.