On August 6th, Saturday, the sixth edition of the mass swimming 1000 x 1000 will be held on the South Beach in Varna.

At its meeting, the Operations Bureau for the conduct of the events decided that the registration will be on site at 8.30 a.m. and will continue until 10:00 a.m. At 10 ,15 a.m. the start will be given, and after the swim the numbers of the winners in the big raffle will be drawn.

Mr. Philipp Rombaut, who is the chairman of the management board of the Bulgarian swimming champion PSK “Cherno More” and the generator of the wonderful idea for 1000 x 1000, appeals to the residents of Varna and the guests of the city to join the swimming celebration on August 6, 2022.

„Swimming 1000 m in the sea can sound like a real challenge, especially when you’re a kid. But that’s exactly what over 250 young people under the age of 12 did last summer”, says Philipp Rombaut – the man thanks to whom this wonderful summer event in Varna exists.

„It’s fun, it’s relaxed and there are lots of good swimmers in the water keeping everyone safe.Last year over 400 people participated in 1000 x 1000, slowly but surely every summer we are getting closer to the goal – 1000 people to swim 1000 m into the sea.On August 6th, wear your smile and come join us. Together with Lucky Hunt Projects and many other companies, this event will be a real celebration!”, says Philipp Rombaut.

The Lucky Hunt Foundation tempts participants in the non-competitive swimming holiday with a wide variety of delights for the eyes and soul. They will immerse themselves in the magic of Latin, enjoying hot dances choreographed by champions Polina and Velizar.

The other attractive surprise from the general sponsor is a delicious gift – the pizzas of Chef Kolev, an acclaimed master of the pasta delicacy of the Apennines. There will be many more interesting surprises, shows and great emotions, Svetlana Hunt, founder and main driver of the foundation, raised the curtain.