The discoverer and manager of the Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova – the actor Yulian Kostov, will participate in the 5th edition of the attractive 1000 x 1000 swim, he told . The man from Varna, who has a successful career as an actor in the Mecca of cinema – Hollywood, will return from America especially for the swimming holiday.

The attractive swimming, which is not competitive, will be held on July 31st  (Saturday) on the South Beach in Varna. The event is made possible due to the organization and planning of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Municipality of Varna, and PSK “Cherno more” – the Bulgarian swimming  champion, and with the kind cooperation of the beach concession company „Lazuren bryag ‘91”.

The interest of the star actor Yulian Kostov in swimming is not accidental. He was born and raised in Varna, and he is a professional swimmer. Throughout his career, he competed for PSC “Black Sea”.

A great actor, he achieved many successes in the company of the current head coach of the club Nikola Petrov and the Deputy Chairman of the “Black Sea” Board – Mirolyub Adamov. All three of them – an iron alloy for champions. Kostov is the champion of Bulgaria in the most crowned discipline 100 m freestyle, and today he is already an actor with world success.