Sea water in the Varna Bay is clean, all microbiological indicators are normal. This is evidenced by the reports of research of Varna district health inspectorate, which are conducted regularly in all 23 zones of the Black sea coast of Varna. Last report is from the end of June.


According to the report, in two monitored points – on the beach in “Asparuhovo” and on the Officer’s beach in Varna, the microbiological indicators of water are excellent. These two points are the start and finish of the 80th anniversary Galata-Varna marathon. In numbers: less than 15 units of enterococci bacteria and Escherichia coli per 100 cm3 were measured on the beach in “Asparuhovo”. The reference value for enterococci is 200 units, and for Escherichia coli – 500 units.

At officer’s beach, where swimmers will finish, the data is as follows: 77 units for enterococci and 61 units for Escherichia coli, namely, several times below the norm.

At the end of June, on the southern beach in Varna, where the mass swimming in the sea of 1000 x 1000 is held on August 1, the indicators are low. The samples show that both of the studied indicators are below 15 units (much lower than the reference value)


“Every week, we conduct a regular study of the quality of sea water, and our specialists take samples from 23 different points, namely in the swimming areas. Data from recent samples show that the water is in excellent condition. At the moment, there is no reason to worry and there is no need to fear of health risk,” said Dr. Elena Geneva, Deputy Director of Varna district health inspectorate.


The latest data is expected to be released in the coming days. By the end of July, it is planned to conduct two more studies of the purity of sea water.