For the safety of the Galata – Varna swimming marathon and the protection of the health and life of all participants, the organizers call for strict compliance with the following anti-epidemic measures:


  1. Swimmers who use public transport buses from the Cathedral to the Quarantine area must wear protective masks.


  1. Swimmers who have passed the obligatory pre-start medical examination, performed not earlier than 3 days before the start (at the earliest on 30.07.2020), but experience symptoms such as cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, increased body temperature, you must withdraw yourself from participation, even though you have online registration.


  1. Swimmers with visible symptoms of acute respiratory diseases will not be admitted to participate, even if they are registered online.


  1. At the three points for servicing the pre-start training in the area “Quarantine” – a point for payment of a fee, a medical point and a point for personal luggage, the participants are arranged in a column one by one, observing a minimum distance of one and a half meters. The assembly point as an area allows this.


5.The body temperature of each of the participants will be measured at the medical point. There is mandatory use of hand sanitizer.

6.t the finish, at Officer’s beach East, it is forbidden for swimmers to gather at the baggage claim point. There is also a mandatory distance of at least a meter and a half.

7.At the point for receiving breakfast and drink the participants must use a disinfectant.

8.The officials directly involved in securing the marathon – judges and service staff, will be equipped with safety helmets, masks and gloves both at the start and at the finish. Officials at the award ceremony should avoid congratulations with a handshake and hugs.