“Dad, it’s a magical adventure to swim in 1000 x 1000! We will be participating again next summer, will we? ”, the charming Karina whispers to her father right after finishing in the fourth edition of the 1000 x 1000 swimming holiday. The 9-year-old beautiful girl with angelic face and with the charm of a mermaid came with her father to the South beach in Varna especially for the event. She is very excited about the fact that they swam 1000 meters and won a lottery prize.

Two hundred people, enchanted by the most beautiful sport – swimming, flocked to the South Beach to give themselves unforgettable emotions in the swimming holiday 1000 x 1000. And they swam without worries despite the wave that the summer sea breeze raised.

The idea of attractive swimming without competitive character, which for the fourth year in a row has enjoyed an incredibly high interest, belongs to Philip Rombaut, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian champion in swimming – ” Black sea” club, and CEO of “Agropolikhim”.

Two hours before the start, on the promenade next to the restaurant with a magnificent  vision of a beautiful ship “Mr. Baba”, is already teeming with those wishing to swim the distance of 1000 meters into the sea. The organization is at a high level and follows all safety rules related to the current emergency. Each participant undergoes an examination by doctors from the Medical Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Varna – Ltd. Doctors measure the temperature and blood pressure of those who want to immerse themselves in the unforgettable emotions. The organizers provided a disinfectant for each of the participants, mineral water and a croissant.

1000 x 1000 is a dress rehearsal for the 80th anniversary marathon Galata – Varna, which is on August 2. The organizers are the Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Municipality of Varna and the swimming champion of Bulgaria PSC “Black Sea”. The event is held with the exclusive support of Billa and the concessionaire of the beach “Lazuren bryag 91”. The safety of the swimmers on the route was taken care of by the Navy with several speedboats, and the teams of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior assisted in the order and discipline during the whole event. Volunteers took part in the technical support of 1000 x 1000. A music designer took care of the high degree of emotion.

After registering, participants listen to a safety briefing and stand at the start.

The most excited and impatient are the little swimmers from PSC “Black Sea”. The representatives of the club “Levski” are also extremely colorful and enthusiastic. Dozens of young families with children have decided to give themselves a summer portion of pleasure in the swimming holiday. And that’s wonderful! And completely in line with the desire of the event generator Philip Rombaut – in 1000 x1000 more children to swim, to love the sea and not be afraid of it, to have fun and be happy.

Unlike previous years, this summer there are even more prizes for participants, more diverse, more delicious and more interesting. The Municipality of Varna provided two dozen attractive sea bonuses – beach balls and towels, snorkels, swimming goggles and backpacks. In addition to the gifts traditionally provided by the Municipality of Varna, there were many surprises from the annual sponsor Lucky hunt – branded beautiful T-shirts and hats with the logo of the foundation.

This year, for the first time, Children’s corner-Varna took part in providing awards, which were distributed in a raffle with the participation of all swimmers without exception. The owners pleased the kids with free tickets to their favorite super attractions in the Sea Garden. Vouchers for irresistibly delicious and beautiful cakes were handed out by the hit confectionery studio Cherry by Mary. And the best chain of restaurants “Old Plane Tree” – a favorite place for connoisseurs of good food and selected elixirs, surprised participants in 1000 x 1000 with vouchers for dinner and delicacies.

While people were enjoying the awards and sharing the emotions of an exciting morning, the sea seemed to beckon people to participate again next summer in the most attractive non-competitive sports event in the sea capital.