1000 х 1000 is a no stress, relaxed swimming event where it is important to have participate and have fun. I want more people to be able to swim, but really swim, in the sea especially children.

The 1000 x 1000 could be considered as a warm up for the Galata Varna which is held the next day,  but also as a long term preparation  for one day participating in the marathon.  During the last years, we see that nearly 50 % of the people swimming are children up to 12 years which is remarkable.

Swimming is one of the few sports where one cannot be bothered by phones or email or social media.  It is good time to switch off completely and take care of one’s health.

The mass swimming 1000 x 1000 will take place on August 1st on the South Beach in Varna with many pleasant surprises. For the fourth year in a row, the attractive swimming holiday will accompany the Galata-Varna marathon. The idea of this initiative belongs to the President of the Managing Board of PSK „Cherno more”, the Agropolychim CEO Philippe Rombaut. The number of those wishing to take part in this swim is growing progressively each year. The goal is to see this grassroots swimming setting up a tradition. This is not a competitive event.

In the three past editions of the event, there was great interest from many children who swam with their parents.

Unlike previous years, however, this summer the prizes for participants will be much more and very different. In addition to the gifts traditionally provided by the Municipality of Varna, there will be surprises from the annual sponsor Lucky hunt.


For the first year with prizes in a raffle with the participation of all swimmers “Detski kat – Varna” will take part. The representatives promise the kids free cards for their favorite super attractions in the Sea Garden. The confectionery studio “Cherry by Mary”, which tempts young and elder during the summer months with unique ice creams with irresistible taste and fantastic sweets for the soul, will delight lucky winners with gift vouchers. The restaurants with the oldest and established traditions in Varna – “Stariya chinar”, which are a favorite place for connoisseurs of good food, and selected drinks, have also prepared gift vouchers.

The event is made possible with the kind cooperation of Billa.

The event is made possible due to the organization and planning of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Municipality of Varna, and PSK “Cherno more” – the Bulgarian swimming  champion, and with the kind cooperation of the beach concession company „Lazuren bryag ‘91”.