Attractive awards will be given in a random draw to all participants in the  „1000 х 1000“ swimming forum that has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. As Kristian Dimitrov, the Chief of the Municipal Sports Department announced, the awards will be made available by the Municipality of Varna.

The event will take place on 3 August, a day prior to the 79th edition of the Galata-Varna Marathon Swim. The event is made possible due to the organization and planning of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Municipality of Varna, and PSK “Cherno more” – the Bulgarian swimming  champion, and with the kind cooperation of the beach concession company „Lazuren bryag ‘91”. The idea of this initiative belongs to the President of the Managing Board of PSK „Cherno more”, the Agropolychim CEO Philippe Rombaut.

The goal of the event that will be held for the third year in a row on the beach outside the Mister Baba Restaurant in Varna this summer is to see 1000 swimmers completing the 1000 m challenge in open water. The number of those wishing to take part in this swim is growing progressively each year. The goal is to see this grassroots swimming setting up a tradition. This is not a competitive event.

Belgian, Russian, Canadian, Iranian and Bulgarian participants immersed into and felt the magic of the second „1000 х 1000“ edition. During the course of the event they were given a round of applause by the hundreds of residents of Varna and foreigners who were making tanning at the beach. A DJ took care of the music played at the event to make sure both participants and guests are having a wonderful time and enjoying themselves.

This seaside event will be a sort of training for all volunteers who will take part in the oldest swimming competition in our country – the Galata-Varna Marathon Swim, on Sunday, 4th August.

All participants in the swimming event will undergo a compulsory medical examination to be performed by a healthcare team from the Medical Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Varna.

In 2018 the distance was completed by many families from Varna, as well as by talented swimmers from the Bulgarian champion club – PSK „Cherno more“. The swimming challenge was also completed without strain by the grandsons of the Titan in the national marathon swim – Dobri Dinev. Edgar-Antonio, who is currently a coach in his grandfather’s school in Canada, Dorian and Christopher-Dobri, experienced unforgettable summer emotions.