The most passionate fans of the Marathon Galata – Varna have already saved their spots at the start line. Two months before the start of the oldest swimming competition in Bulgaria, those who want to swim away from Cape Galata to Bunna No. 2 have already filled out their online forms and applied on the renewed website of the marathon .

This year the organizers enabled the online pre-enrollment, which will enable a record number of participants to compete for an attractive prize pool. Two months prior to the start, nearly 40 swimmers have registered for participation. Besides requests from Bulgaria, there are also confirmations from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Their number continues to increase every day.

Citizens of Varna and visitors from Bulgaria and abroad, born before 2007, are invited to participate in the 79th swimming marathon Cape Galata – Buna № 2 (Varna).

Participants undergo mandatory pre-medical check-up, performed and documented up to 3 days prior to the event or 2 hours before the departure to the start – the Varna Marine Station.

On the day of the marathon at the meeting point on the Varna Marine Station, each registered participant must carry an identity card, a declaration personally signed by the participant, and for persons under 18 – signed by a parent.

The Marathon Cape Galata – Varna for 2019 will be held on 4th of August (Sunday). All those wishing to participate should arrive at the Marine Station on 4th of August at 6.30 a.m. Participants should bring appropriate bags to collect their personal belongings.

The registration will continue from 6.30 am to 8.30 am.

The registration ends at 8.30 am sharp and the participants who appeared later will not be allowed to participate!

At 9 am, ships serving the marathon will sail from the Marine Station.

The straight line from Cape Galata to Buna № 2 is about 4500 meters.

The start of the swimming will be at 9.30 am as the participants have to set up in line in the water, at an equal distance from the shore.

Participation is individual. The distance from Cape Galata to Varna can be swum in a freely chosen style. The use of hand tools, flippers, outside assistance, etc. is not allowed.

Judges in the boats adjust swimmers in case of greater deviations from the route.

All swimmers who arrive at the finish maximum 90 minutes after the winner are considered to have covered the distance. Then the marathon is officially closed, all swimmers must stop swimming, and get on board of the boats heading the Buna №2.

Each participant, who has swum the distance, receives a coupon for a free snack, drink and a souvenir t-shirt.

Under inappropriate weather conditions, organizers reserve the right to postpone the event.