210 participants from 10 countries registered in advance for the Galata – Varna marathon on August 7th. 48 hours before the online platform closed, there were representatives of Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore and Bulgaria on the start list. This became clear during a press conference that was held in the Yunashki Salon.

Registration closes at 5pm on August 4th.

The meeting point – Fishing port “Quarantine” opens at 6:30 a.m. on August 7th, and confirmation of registration is until 9:00 a.m. The start will be given at 9:30 a.m. after a detailed briefing.

Prize winners in еighty-two Galata – Varna swimming marathon share an award fund of 6800 lv.

Organizers of the marathon are the Bulgarian Navy, Varna municipality and PSC “Black Sea”.

Winners – male and female get money rewards of: 1st place – 1000 lv, 2nd place – 700 lv, 3rd place – 500 lv, 4th place – 400 lv, 5th place – 300 lv, 6th place – 200 lv.

Money rewards get the best: resident of Varna, male and female – 100 lv.

200 lv is the bonus for a disabled swimmer. The same amount of money gets the swimmer who registered the most participations in this marathon.

There will also be a prize from the family of the giant of Bulgarian marathon swimming, DobriDinev.

The final is at Bunite beach (Buna 2), where the awarding ceremony will take place at 12:00 p.m.

The Galata – Varna marathon is an incredible challenge! My participation in the marathon has become a ritual – this year, on August 7th, I will swim for the eleventh time. Every summer part of my family comes from Belgium especially with this mission – to swim the distance from Galata to Varna. The thrill is already starting. The idea that I have to swim Galata – Varna keeps me focused throughout the year, keeping my weight more or less under control. I reduce sugars and live healthy. It is an excellent motivator! Everyone has their own reason for swimming Galata – Varna, but this is the oldest Varna tradition and everyone who can should swim the marathon at least once. Get ready! Catch the wave!, commented Philippe Rombaut.

A day earlier, on August 6th, is the 6th edition of the swimming event 1000 x 1000.

The general sponsor of the event – the Lucky Hunt Foundation – promises to make the 1000 x 1000 swimming an unforgettable experience for the participants. This year, the show highlight woven into the program will be even more attractive. Participants and spectators will immerse themselves in the magic of Latin passions, enjoying the champions of CSD “Dance Motion Varna” – Polina Kimova and Velizar Georgiev and their young graduates.

Immediately after swimming the distance, the world champion in mastering irresistible dough delicacies, the most titled pizza master – Anatoli Kolev, will surprise the guests with a Margherita pizza tasting.

“Last year over 400 people took part in the 1000 x 1000, so slowly but surely every summer we are getting closer to the goal of 1000 people swimming 1000m into the sea. 250 of them were children under 12 years old! On August 6th, wear your smile and come join us. Together with Lucky Hunt Projects and many other companies, this event will be a real celebration with very attractive prizes for the participants!” promises the idea generator Philippe Rombaut. And he emphasizes that the Lucky Hunt Foundation, whose founder and main mover is Svetlana Hunt, has for years not only focused on homeless animals, but also addresses children.

“When I go in to swim, I see 8-year-old children and 70-year-old people next to me, who enjoy swimming in the sea. I believe that this year will be the same, and the good emotions are guaranteed”, Mr. Rombaut commented during the press conference.

The swimming event 1000 x 1000 is organized with the exceptional assistance of the beach concessionaire “Lazurenbryag 91”.

During the press conference, the Chief of Staff of the Navy Capt. I rank KamenKukurov, who is the chief judge of the sea marathon, thanked the Navy, Border Police, Maritime Administration, N. Y. Vaptsarov Navy Academy and Bulgarian Red Cross for ensuring the safety of the marathon.

“The marathon is successful when as many participants finish as they started,” commented Capt. Kukurov.

I thank everyone who participates in the organization of the events – it is multi-layered and an extremely responsible commitment! I wish the events to run smoothly and happy participants this year as well! declared the chief judge of the marathon, ViliTsekov.

The head of the Municipal Sports Department, KristiyanDimitrov, was adamant that together – the Navy, PSC “Black Sea” and the Municipality of Varna, ensure a perfect organization of the Galata – Varna marathon and the 1000 x 1000 swimming event, which has become a wonderful tradition.

Capt. Valentin Enchev, director of the Maritime Administration, stated that during the Swimming Weekend 2022, the traffic of ships will be closed in order to ensure the complete safety of the participants.

BoyanaKircheva, the face of Swimming Weekend 2022, champion of Bulgaria in swimming with the PSC “Black Sea” team shared that she participated in both the marathon and 1000 x 1000 and called them a fantastic emotion.

“This summer, the motto of the swimming weekend is ‘Catch the wave!’ I welcome all teenagers to get involved with their families in this incredible celebration that is coming up in Varna. The emotion is unforgettable!” added Boyana.

NadezhdaParusheva, a long-time organizer of the marathon, expressed her satisfaction that this year’s organization was also impeccable. And thanks to the Port of Varna, Naval Arsenal and Port Infrastructure for joining the events and providing many prizes for the participants.