Swimming is a wonderful sport! One of the few where one cannot be reached by phone calls, emails or social media. This is a great opportunity to have fun and take care of your health. Come and swim or support the swimmers in the 5th edition of 1000 x 1000 on July 31, Saturday, on the South Beach in Varna!

Registration starts at 8 am and the first start is at 9 am.

This is Philip Rombaut’s message, the Chairman of the Board of the swimming champion of Bulgaria – PSC “Black Sea” and CEO of “Agropolychim”. For 5 years in a row, Mr.Rombaut and the Lucky Hunt Foundation, an annual “engine” and sponsor of 1000 x 1000, give Varna residents and guests a fantastic emotion through the attractive non-competitive mass swimming 1000 x 1000. Attractive surprises from Lucky Hunt lift the mood of the participants.

The idea for the unique for Bulgaria sporting event came from Mr.Rombaut. All this time, the event enjoys great interest – 1000 m deep into the sea with pleasure swim many families with children and enthusiasts from all over Bulgaria and abroad.

A symbol of nobility, full support for suffering stray animals, loving care and welfare – this is the mission of Lucky Hunt, which is headed by Rombaut’s lovely wife – Svetlana. Lucky Hunt’s goal is to alleviate animal suffering by reducing the population of stray individuals in order to reduce the number of animals living on the streets.

LHF is in fact also a foundation that wants to bring a bit more ‘milost’ in our society which is sometimes way too aggressive.

“The Lucky Hunt Foundation was created to bring change! Abandoned, injured and chased, stray dogs are a growing problem throughout Bulgaria. They are helpless in their search for food, shelter, and loving care, just like any other creature. We are working in this direction and we are confident that with humane treatment and care we will continue to achieve success, “said from the foundation.

Lucky Hunt is running a targeted program for an effective campaign called trap-neuterreturn. It takes place in neighborhoods full of stray animals that suffer and can pose a threat to humans. This is a sustainable solution. It allows us to educate and change the mentality of society. And also, the negative attitude of people towards animals, which population we have allowed to increase uncontrollably! ”, said from the foundation.

Lucky Hunt gives children a wonderful opportunity to experience an unforgettable day at Lucky Hunt Farm in the Varna village of  Krumovo. During the visit, in addition to giving the animals a huge dose of love, the kids will be able to cook for pets their favorite food and take care of them. For anyone wishing to enroll their children, follow the details on the Lucky Hunt Projects Facebook page.

Lucky Hunt unreservedly supports people in need. The foundation is doing this for years with a huge dose of love, nobility and desire. “We are happy to help and save lives! We have ongoing programs using alternative therapies for children with special needs, such as Down’s syndrome, autism, paralysis and the recovery of cancer patients, “said from the foundation.