The Bulgarian family who managed to conquer the highest extinct volcano in the world – Aconcagua peak (6962m) will participate in the 79th edition of “Cape Galata – Varna” swimming marathon this summer. The ambitious family, who climbed the highest peak in South America on New Year’s Eve, also adores sea adventures and is already planning to take part in the marathon.

“We will be flying back from Japan on August 3rd and will participate in the Varna marathon the very next day. This year we decided that my husband Zhivko and our son Rhine will compete in it”, said the mother Ralitsa. For years, the family has been living and working in England. She is an accountant and her husband – a manager of a shipping company. They have a daughter named Annabel.


Last year, the four residents of Varna participated in the swimming forum “1000 x 1000” and admitted that they had experienced a huge amount of positive emotions.

In 2018 the brave family climbed the Snowstorm Mountains, as the Incas once called the magnificent giant in the Andes. The mountaintop is planet’s tallest point when measured from the Earth’s center. Majestic, mystical and unearthly beautiful, Aconcagua raises its vast body at the border between Argentina and Chile. A year prior to achieving the family’s dream, the adventurous Varna citizens conquered the emblematic massif in Tanzania – Kilimanjaro (5892 m). Ralitsa is a television reality show “Surveyor” participant. The family is only the second one in the world to climb the mountain with such young children. It took them seven days to accomplish their dream, accompanied by many guides and Sherpa, and without any hesitation to give up.